Reliability analysis of stochastic model of a seed processing plant With preventive maintenance


  • Deepal, Pooja Bhatia


Reliability, Labour redundancy, Semi-Markov Process, Mean Time To System Failure(MTSF), Availability, Regenerative Point technique


The paper deals with a model of a seed processing plant  which has centrifuge system situated at Yunick Agro, Hisar, Haryana (India) on the basis of real data collected. The system goes for inspection whenever there is any fault. Depending on time of repair and cost of repairs, faults are classified as minor, major or neglected faults.The occurrence of a minor fault leads to degradation whereas occurrence of a major fault leads to failure of the system and neglected faults and some minor faults are repairable on-line by preventive maintenance. After inspection, repair being carry out according to fault is repairable or non repairable. Replacement or labour redundancy is used in case of non-repairable faults. Considering all these aspects and using the real data collected from the plant, various measures of system effectiveness such as MTSF, Reliability, Availability and Busy period etc. are derived by using Semi-Markov process and Regenerative Point technique. The functioning of the plant’s machine is examined using numerical results and graphs derived thereof. From the plots so obtained, we get cut-off points of profit for different values of rates of  major faults/ revenue of per unit Uptime.



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