Emergency Services In Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges And Opportunities


  • Hafez Adam Taher


Sub-Saharan Africa, Emergency Services, Public Health, Infrastructure, Human Resources.


Sub-Saharan Africa is faced with unique challenges in emergency services, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of public health and safety. This review systematically analyzes challenges, identifies opportunities, and provides policy insights. The literature review, spanning January 2000 to November 2023, synthesizes findings from 23 studies. Key themes include Infrastructure and Resource Limitation, with inadequate roads and communication addressed by innovations like mobile health and drone delivery. Human Resource Challenges emphasize shortages in trained personnel, addressed by initiatives like telemedicine. Organizational and Policy Challenges highlight fragmentation and suggest workforce strengthening and structured COVID-19 responses. Community Engagement stresses the role of trust and successful initiatives, empowering communities through interventions like tablet-based training. Financial Sustainability reveals funding challenges, prompting innovative mechanisms and sustainable solutions. The conclusion advocates a holistic approach integrating technology, community empowerment, and policy reforms to enhance emergency services in Sub-Saharan Africa.



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