Safety Stock For Fluctuations Force Management System Using Regression Algorithm


  • A.Anitha, Dr.P.Kavitha, S.Anitha, V.Kaviya, T.Jayasuja


Database, Force Management, Integration, Regression Algorithm, Stock


The Inventory Management System is a real- time force database able of handling large supplies of an association. This can be used to track the force of a single store, or to manage the distribution of stock between several stores of a larger ballot. still, the system simply records deals and restocking data and provides announcement of low stock at any position at a specified interval. The thing is to reduce the strain of shadowing rather than to handle all store conservation force operation is a large exploration field with high practical applicability. It includes numerous functions, similar as demand planning, force controlling and force planning. It determines all decision- related data which have an influence on force position( Pfohl, 2000). force optimization refers to the reduction of stock in storages, product and the entire force chain while icing high material vacuity( ten Hompel and Weidenblut, 2011). likewise, it's across- sectional function that optimizes force and material inflow within all functional areas. force operation also includes integration and collaboration functions, since upstream and downstream processes are coordinated( Stadtler, 2002).




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A.Anitha, Dr.P.Kavitha, S.Anitha, V.Kaviya, T.Jayasuja. (2023). Safety Stock For Fluctuations Force Management System Using Regression Algorithm. Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, 35(3), 550–562. Retrieved from