Review Paper on Quality Management Practices for Construction Project Delivery


  • Paul Kwapong* and Jaydeep Pipaliya


Quality Management, Quality, Total Quality Management, Construction Project Delivery, Quality Management Practices.


The construction industry's primary purpose is to guarantee that construction projects are performed quickly and effectively within the limitations of highest quality, specified time frame, and lowest viable cost. This review examines the notion of Quality Management, its advantages, and its relationship to effective project delivery in construction organizations. The studies that were examined focused on quality practices and adoption in the construction sector by applying various Quality Management practices. According to Quality Management practices research, it is critical for construction organizations to support the development of quality management systems in all parts of their operations by creating a flexible and welcoming organizational climate. Digital quality management practices should be used in order to compete in a world of fast technology changes. These quality management practices are critical in guiding organizations towards Customer Satisfaction and project success.




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