Simulation And Modelling Of Modified Upfc In Power Systems


  • Shailendra Shrivastava, Prof. (Dr.) Annapurna Bhargava


MATLAB, Power grids, SIMULINK, UPFC, Fuzzy Controller, Voltage Source Convert.


To ensure the stability and security of an electric power transmission system while optimizing its capacity, there is a need for an efficient and reliable power flow controller. Currently, the most promising technology for managing power flow is the Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). The UPFC has the capability to simultaneously regulate various parameters of the transmission lines, including impedance, voltage, and phase angle. Although conventional UPFC algorithms are logic-based, the approach remains firmly rooted in logical principles. In the proposed model, termed "collaboration," fuzzy logic is integrated with the fundamental design of the flow controller. Comparing the outcomes of neuro-fuzzy controllers with conventional controllers, it is evident that there is less overshooting with the former. In simulations, UPFC consistently enhances results in both transient and typical scenarios compared to alternative control systems.




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