Road safety measures and the development of Motor Vehicle law in India - A Descriptive Analysis


  • Dr. Amit Singh, Nidhi Shanker


Accident, Compensation, Driving, Injury, Liability, License, Motor vehicle law, Road-safety, Traffic, Victims.


Road safety measures have been an ever-growing concern among both Indian union and state governments in an effort to reduce road accidents, but no significant results have been obtained as of yet. To thrive economically, socially, and culturally, transportation is essential. In any country, but especially one still in its developmental stages like India, the road transport industry is crucial. The importance of India's road transport sector cannot be overstated. The Indian economy relies heavily on road transport. The internal road network, which stands inclusive of state as well as national highways in addition to crucial and utmost important district and village roads, efficiently transports people and commodities throughout the country. Therefore, traffic regulations and enforcement are crucial components of traffic management that must be implemented everywhere. Road safety measures are an essential part of road engineering, traffic management, vehicle regulations, driver behaviour, environmental protection, and the laws governing these areas. In this study, several regulatory issues related to the country's motor vehicle law regime are examined, along with other elements that influence it.





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