Occupational Alteration: Examination Of Fingerprints And Psychological Behaviour On Carpenters


  • Mansi Singh , Dr. Sahil Sharma


Fingerprints, Psychology, Biometrics, occupational alteration, AFIS, ridges pattern


Fingerprint alteration is a major concern with their basic need in the crime world which holds the individuality of people to being individual. It holds the pattern with their unique ridges and makes the two fingerprints identical. Forensic science relies heavily on the accurate examination and analysis of fingerprints for crime scene investigations. However, the occupational alterations experienced by carpenters who are involved in this process, along with their psychological behavior, can have implications for the reliability & effectiveness of their work. Carpenters, due to the nature of their occupation, may experience alterations to their fingerprints caused by the repetitive friction and pressure exerted on their hands while handling tools and materials. These alterations can affect the ridge patterns and quality of the fingerprints. This abstract aims to explore the relationship between occupational alterations, psychological behavior, and the role of carpenters in fingerprint examination within the field of forensic science.



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